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Dragon Legends Book 1: DRAGON KING Released!

Kindle eBook U.S. U.K. Tunes Nook Print

LADY Part 2 released!

Get it here: U.S. Kindle version: U.K. Kindle version: & iTunes also available.  

LADY Part 1 released!

The Kindle version, anyway. Other formats following soon. Get it here: U.S. Kindle version: U.K. Kindle version: Nook: As previously mentioned, it’s another long one, a complete trilogy in one volume, so you will in essence be getting three books for your money to keep you busy until Part 2 comes out… Read more

Two Times the Lady

Well it’s official, Book 8: LADY will have to be released in two parts. The story has ballooned into a much larger tale than originally planned; so much so that I have surpassed the allowable size that Amazon will consent to publish. It’s just too dang big. Therefore, I have no choice but to release… Read more

Website links have changed.

Take note, if you are still using the old website links, be sure to update as they will stop working soon. You can get to all of the book sites from here:    Or you can get to the individual series websites at the new updated links:

Camelot Book 8: LADY Christmas present

Merry Christmas! For those who have been anxiously waiting for my promised preview of the upcoming story of the Lady of the Lake, I have just posted the first 9 chapters online. Of course, this is assuming you have already read Book 7: CURSED. If you haven’t, don’t even think about it; God won’t love… Read more

Professor Diaries Book 2 update

Due to my slower release schedule, Book 2: The Lost Professor will not be out until the first half of 2014. It is my next scheduled project after I complete my current project Book 8: LADY of the Camelot series.

Camelot Book 8: LADY status

Good news and bad news. The good news is, the story of The Lady of the Lake is coming along very well. It is already at 100,000 words in length, the size of a Hunger Games novel. The bad news is, it’s less than a third of the way through. Yup, it looks like I’ve… Read more

Camelot Book 8: LADY update

After having gotten a good start on the next Professor Diaries book, I found myself unable to get the next story in the Camelot series out of my head. Actually, that story has been in my head since the beginning of the Tales of Camelot series. Therefore, I have switched gears and and am now… Read more